Visual Studio Code 发布 VSCode1.90 版本

Visual Studio Code 发布 VSCode1.90 版本,2024年5月更新。



Editor tabs multi-select - Select and perform actions on multiple tabs simultaneously.

配置文件 - 使用首选配置文件打开新窗口。

Profiles - Open new windows with your preferred profile.


Editor actions - Immediately access editor actions across editor groups.

Copilot 可扩展性--利用聊天和语言模型 API,在扩展程序中加入人工智能功能。

Copilot extensibility - Build AI into your extensions with the Chat and Language Model API.

VS Code Speech - 通过文本到语音的方式自动朗读 Copilot 聊天回复。

VS Code Speech - Automatically read out Copilot Chat responses with text-to-speech.


Find in notebooks - Restrict search to selected cells in notebooks.


Chat context - Quickly attach different types of context in chat.


IntelliSense in chat responses - Better understand generated code with IntelliSense.