Visual Studio Code 发布 VSCode1.86 版本

2024年1月更新,发布 Visual Studio Code 1.86 更新



Per-window zoom levels - Adjust the zoom level for each window independently.

Hey Code 语音命令 - 使用语音命令启动聊天会话。

Hey Code voice command - Start a chat session with a voice command.


Multi-file diff editor - Quickly review diffs across multiple files in the diff editor.


Triggered breakpoints - Efficient debugging with breakpoint dependencies.


Expanded Sticky Scroll support - Sticky Scroll in tree views and notebooks.

Markdown 粘贴选项--为链接、视频和音频元素提供丰富的粘贴支持。

Markdown paste options - Rich paste support for links, video, and audio elements.


Flexible Auto Save options - Skip Auto Save on errors or save only for specific file types.


Source Control input - Customize commit input and per-language editor settings.

扩展通知 - 对每个扩展禁用通知进行精细控制。

Extension notifications - Fine-grained control for disabling notifications per extension.

GitHub Copilot 更新 - 改进默认上下文、将文件添加为上下文以及 AI 修复。

GitHub Copilot updates - Improved default context, add file as context, AI fixes.